Top 10 Ways We Invalidate Ourselves:

  • Don't follow through on what we say
  • Eat Poorly
  • Don't Exercise
  • Drive Recklessly
  • Live in surroundings that don't support us
  • Hang out with people who do not treat us well
  • Don't pursue our dreams
  • Don't ask for what we want
  • Have a messy room
  • Poor grooming

Top 10 Ways We Invalidate Others:

  • Don't believe or trust others
  • Lie to people
  • Withhold thoughts from people
  • Being late
  • Be critical without being constructive
  • Gossip
  • Not listening or paying attention
  • Yelling (even being angry!)
  • Not returning things borrowed
  • Demean an achievement or something said

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Ur Healthy Life
Candice Schick, Personal Training Specialist and Health & Wellness Coach

Personal Training:

Working out with Candice has made it easy for my husband and myself to become motivated to work out. The programs she developed for us has allowed us to focus on our own separate goals while working out together. Not only are we getting in shape and feeling great, it's given us time together away from our everyday life to do something together that makes us feel good. We run a business and have 2 small children. We never thought we'd be able to fit working out into our busy day. Candice has been able to accomodate our schedule which in turn has allowed us to live a much healthier lifestyle. Thanks Candice!!

- Kris and Stacy, Regina, SK

I have been training with Candice for 6 months now.  She took the time to sit down with me before starting to understand what my health goals were and took these goals into consideration with designing my programs.  The programs she created were very effective.  That, combined with her positive, upbeat, and encouraging attitude resulting in me seeing the changes in my body that I was seeking, at a faster rate than I was expecting.  During training sessions, Candice not only focused on the exercises I was performing, but also gave me helpful tidbits of information and advice about other areas of leading a healthy lifestyle.  Overall, I would highly recommend Candice to anyone who wants to see results and have fun doing it!  Her knowledge and sense of humor are the perfect mix for someone helping you meet your health/fitness goals.

- Jennifer, Regina, SK

Training with Candice has been a challenging and rewarding experience.  I first started with Candice on doctor's orders.  My blood pressure was a little high so he recommeneded more cardio and weight loss.  After twenty sessions with Candice, my blood pressure has been lowered, my weight is down and I've lost inches all over.  Candice has been extermely supportive while challenging me to work harder to meet my goals.  Now that the blood pressure is under control, I have a new goal of running a 5K in the spring...and Candice is going to help me get there!!

- Judith, Regina, SK

Group sessions:

I have been training with Candice for 1.5 years now. I have attended group classes and personal training with her. I have seen great results with Candice. She listens to where you want to improve and what you want to gain or take from personal training with her. Not only does Candice have great knowledge of the human body and physical mechanics, she also demonstrates knowledge of eating clean and what your body needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle that works hand in hand with personal training. Candice is very understanding of your own personal situation but at the same time pushes you to the level she knows you are capable of. Overall, I would highly recommend Candice as a personal trainer or fitness coach, she has helped me go beyond achieving my personal fitness goals.

- Laura, Regina, SK (achieved 4.5 inch loss and decrease of 2% body fat in 10 week period)

I started going to Candice's boot camps and loved that they were always challenging and never the same. I decided I wanted to challenge myself even more and take advantage of a 10 week personal training session with her.  Candice is so motivating and positive, and she kicks your butt! She will dowhatever she needs to do to get you moving when you think you can't keep going (even if it means running behind you barking like a dog). I noticed results very quickly, and am still amazed at how much stronger my body is getting. She doesn't let you make excuses for why you can't achieve yourgoals, and helps you not only with the physical training, but the mental aspect of it as well. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to take personal training with Candice. She will definitely help you reach your goals.

- Deena, Regina, SK (achieved 7.5 inch loss and decrease of 1.5% body fat in 10 week period)


I wanted to share that Candice is one of those coaches that exudes patience and understanding.  While working with me, she showed great insight into some of my issues.
When I was unorganized and not on task, she was able to show compassion and strength for me to move forward.  Candice is an excellent coach and I would recommend her services in this field in the future.  Thanks Candice for spending time with me and assisting me through this program."

Jodi, Atlanta, GA

"I have worked with Candice for the past several months and during this time she has helped me discover what my strengths are, where my passions lie and how to move forward toward my goals. We worked on values and past belief systems, examining them to see what needs to change in my mind in order to make the changes in my life. Candice is very supportive, has great coaching skills and is a pleasure to work with."

Amy, Asheville, NC

Candice guided me in seeing and gaining the greater self awareness on where the change needs to happen first in order to achieve my desired results.  Candice helped me to set goals and kept me accountable, and it resulted in me getting where I wanted to be. 

Solvita, Perth, Australia

Candice is a great coach!  She has a positive attitude, great insight and knowledge, is a great listener and is very encouraging. She gave me some simple, yet practical exercises that really helped me with my self-esteem and believing in myself.  Candice helped me with my goals of gaining control of my eating and fitness and setting reasonable goals for myself.  I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make positive change in their life.

Valerie, Grand Prairie, TX