Hi my name is Candice Schick, I'm a certified Personal Training Specialist and Life Coach.  I was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.  After spending numerous years working various jobs from retail to service industry and a lot in between, I made the decision to attend SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute for Applied Science and Technology) for a second time.  Upon completing my Diploma in Accounting in April 2001 I moved to Regina, SK.  I received a job offer with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations as a Benefits Technician.  This position was more of administrative than accounting oriented so after about a year and a half I successfully obtained a position with the Government of Saskatchewan as a Business Auditor.  After 9 years with Finance and the lack luster of being a Senior Business Auditor had long worn off I made the decision to pursue more fulfilling endeavors for my life. 

Some pursue happiness, others create it - Anon
Fear of how amazing we can be stops us from following our life purpose!

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After much soul searching and years of questioning my purpose here I realized helping people live a more positive existence was what I was meant to do.  The road has never been easy, but it definitely has been rewarding as I continuously work on myself.  I do this first and foremost for myself and my own well-being but without this work I would not be in a position to help others through it. 

I am a life, health & wellness coach.  I offer pragmatic, compassionate, and honest coaching to people who want to make a commitment to themselves and to change their lives for the better.  My clients realize their full potential by actively participating in their well-being, envisioning and verbalizing their dreams and goals, taking the small steps needed to achieve those dreams and goals, and ultimately transforming their lives towards a more vibrant, fulfilling future. In addition to Life Coaching, I have for over a decade had a great interest in physical fitness and been an avid gym goer.  I've always been a people person (part of why being an auditor didn't feel like a good fit for me as people don't like auditors much) so when I was approached about being a Personal Trainer, it just made sense.  I truly enjoy helping others live a more positive existence.

Aside from my passion for healthy well-being I'm a big lover of dogs and have 2 beautiful dogs; an American Staffordshire Terrier and an American Pitbull Terrier.  I enjoy working with my hands - do it yourself projects, movies, reading, travelling, and spending time with family and friends. 
Ur Healthy Life
Candice Schick,  Personal Training Specialist and Health & Wellness Coach