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Candice Schick, Personal Training Specialist and Health & Wellness Coach

 Located at Wellness Revolution Studio a clean, bright, modern private facility located at 1100 Broad St. Regina, SK

You and only you have the power to change your life and live the life you desire.  Deciding to take control of your health and pursuing your fitness goals will be one of the most rewarding and empowering choices you can make for yourself!

Employing a personal trainer ensures you have someone working with you (inspires, motivates and holds you accountable) to meet your fitness goals.  Whether it be to increase muscle, weight loss, any number of health reasons, toning, or sports training having someone assist you greatly increase your likelihood for success!

If you want to create positive change in your life, here are some strategies to help you increase your chances for success:

   1. Choose a goal that feels manageable, yet still challenges you.
   2. Be sure your goal is clearly attached to your vision; achieving will take you toward         your vision rather than away from it.
​   3. Be clear that your goal is something YOU want.
​   4. Have a plan that not only defines the major steps over time, but also the small,
        individual action steps you can take on a daily basis.
   5. Create some system of accountability; enlist the help of a Buddy who is as          
        motivated as you are.
​   6. As you work your plan, allow the process to evolve and be refined.
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I am Candice Schick and I assist people in living a healthier more positive life.  Whether you want help achieving fitness goals, healthy eating goals or a more positive mental clarity I'm your women!

Contact me today to get started on making 2017 your best, fittest year yet!!  I will help you to look your best and feel amazing!!